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Local Martial Artists Series #2: Capoeira

The back of a t-shirt showing two people kicking at each other and the caption "dance like a warrior".

This month, the Local Martial Artists Series is taking a Brazilian turn, in honor of the Rio Olympics, and highlighting Capoeira.  I’ve interviewed Garrett Boardway, who teaches Capoeira at Capoeira Uma Terra in Bangor to find out more about this unique martial art. CH: What is Capoeira? GB: Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that […]

Maine Bound and Other Programs

When I was developing the plan for this blog, one of the first things I thought of highlighting was the Outward Bound program at the University of Maine.  It seemed like such a great program to help people get outside and active!  As I’ve been working on this post, though, I realized that there actually […]