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Local Martial Artists Series #2: Capoeira

The back of a t-shirt showing two people kicking at each other and the caption "dance like a warrior".

This month, the Local Martial Artists Series is taking a Brazilian turn, in honor of the Rio Olympics, and highlighting Capoeira.  I’ve interviewed Garrett Boardway, who teaches Capoeira at Capoeira Uma Terra in Bangor to find out more about this unique martial art. CH: What is Capoeira? GB: Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that […]

Local Martial Artists Series #1: Kali

Kuya Justin demonstrates a movement with two sticks

Starting today, I will be featuring a local martial artist on the blog every month.  This month, I interviewed Justin Umel (aka: Kuya Justin), who teaches Kali Concepts in Bangor. CH: What is Kali? JU: Kali is a Filipino martial art that goes by several different names.  Kali is probably the most recognized name in […]