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Banish the Hangry Beast

A dog with a sign hanging from its nose that says "Surrender thy Treasure".

Have you ever been going about your business, slipping further and further into a bad mood, until you’re ready to bite someone’s head off for daring to speak to you?  This is what I think of when someone tells me they get “hangry” — that horrible feeling of being so hungry that you’re angry, too. […]

Summertime in the Garden

A zucchini plant in bloom

I love gardening.  Every year, I experiment with new types of plants and new (to me, at least) techniques to make my garden as productive as possible.  Now, don’t misunderstand me.  I’m not saying I’m actually good at gardening.  In fact, I rarely have much success with anything other than the most hardy herbs.  Things that are […]

Bone Broth and Chicken Soup

A mug oc quick and comforting chicken and rice soup

This week, I’ve been battling this year’s nasty spring cold.  It’s particularly annoying this year, keeping me up at night with congestion and coughing, and making it nearly impossible to be productive during the day with headaches and no motivation whatsoever to move once I’ve plopped myself onto the couch.  What could possibly help in […]