Exercise for Rainy Days

This past summer and early fall have been beautiful.  We could not have asked for better weather to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities well into October.  Now, however, the weather is taking a turn toward rainy and cold.  While some people enjoy a walk in the rain, but for those who don’t, let’s explore some indoor options.

Of course, if you have a gym membership, then you have all kinds of indoor workout options, no matter what the weather is doing outside.  I don’t know about you, but when the rain is pouring down, the last thing I want to do is leave my house so I can go to the gym.  On days like that, I choose a workout that can be done at home.

Pilates is one option that I really like.  It provides strength and conditioning, specifically for the core.  And the best part?  You don’t need any special equipment.  If your floors are hard, I recommend folding up a quilt to use for your exercises to pad your knees and hips.  There are plenty of great resources online, but if you’ve never tried Pilates before and would like to, here is a video that’s geared toward beginners with thorough explanations of the positions and breathing techniques.

Looking for more of a total body workout?  Try yoga.  Once again, you need little to no special equipment.  Now, I know yoga doesn’t seem like much of a workout, but don’t be fooled.  What I like most about yoga is its versatility.  If you need a gentle stretch, you can do that.  If you need a full-body strength training session, you can do that.  If you need a heart-pumping cardio workout, you can even do that.  Like Pilates, there are plenty of online resources, from individual poses to full workouts.  The best resource I’ve found so far is from Fightmaster Yoga.

Enjoy the rain!


Catherine Hall

About Catherine Hall

Catherine lives in Bangor, Maine with her family. She gained her appreciation for food and cooking from her grandmother and learned most of her technical knowledge from watching the Food Network. When not in the kitchen, Catherine can be found outdoors attempting to grow vegetables (not always successfully), practicing yoga, and taking Capoeira classes in downtown Bangor. Catherine can also be found walking around town with her Guiding Eyes guide dog, Caleb.